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A Fast Web Is Good For Everyone

Users get a great experience, businesses optimize their conversion rates and revenue, and Google gets people to keep looking for information on the web.

That is why Google has spent so much time and resources on developing a system of evaluating benchmarks and scoring performance around how fast a single webpage is, and incentivizing website owners by making speed a key ranking factor for SEO.

That system is PageSpeed Insights, which, although not perfect, does a great job of uncovering areas of issues and opportunities.

Although PageSpeed Insights is great, you need to go to it and generate a report each time you look into your page speed performance. We built WebScent on top of the PageSpeed Insights API, so that we start creating a timeline of performance changes, and bring the data to you with smart alerts.

Why WebScent


Uncover the trends

From the moment you add your URLs, we start taking a daily snapshot of all your PageSpeed Insights metrics, so that you can see how your optimization inputs changed the score profiles.


Stay on top of changes

No more figuring out weeks after the effect that your score has dropped to red levels. We alert you via Slack and/or Email about significant changes so you can take action right away.

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Get the full picture

With WebScent you get a view of all your ULRs and metrics in one place. You can also track competitors side-by-side to see how you fare against them.


A single view of your domain-level PageSpeed Insights metrics

PageSpeed Insights metrics

See your performance trends on each individual PageSpeed metric

Individual PageSpeed metric

All your URLs and metrics in one place

URLs and metrics

Get alerted in time

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WebScent is functional but currently in limited Alpha. Reach out to request access and start tracking your PageSpeed